Stronger Together

The Military Wives return with their second album, Stronger Together. Songs of courage, hope and friendship, representing the very best of the British Spirit. Featuring brand new tracks Stronger Together and Counting Time written by Gareth Malone. Also features Rule the World, Right Here Waiting and a new version of the Jubilee anthem, Sing. Over 700 members of the military wives choirs perform on this album from across the country and beyond as the choir continues to grow.



Stronger Together

There are times
I need somewhere that I belong
something that I can call my own
like I have always known
safe secure and feels like home.

Heard a voice
a whisper that became a shout
I heard them call my name out loud
following the sound
guiding me leading me higher and higher.

Can you hear above the noise the voices…

Together we are stronger we can overcome
we can walk this road together we can stand as one
and now nothing can divide us we are stronger together
together we belong, together we are strong.

There’s a flame burning through the darkest night
burning with the brightest light
can you see it through the dark
shining leading you higher and higher.

Can you hear above the noise the voices
full of life and full of hope…

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