Louise Cairns

On the 6th July a week before our Choir were due to record our parts for “Stronger Together” my Mum called me to tell me that the doctors suspected she had Myeloma, which is a form of Cancer, this suspicion could only be confirmed by a Bone Marrow Biopsy which she was due to have on the following Monday.

Being a Military Wife I now live around 250 miles away from my family which can be very difficult at the best of times, I felt utterly helpless. My instinct was, of course, to travel down to be with my Mum while she had the biopsy and awaited the results.

As I wouldn’t be able to get back until the recording day and so would miss all of the rehearsals I spent much of my 5 hour drive down, listening to and practising the song “Stronger Together”. I found that words held a poignancy in the circumstances my family had found ourselves in. They gave me some strength and hope in the knowledge that as a family we are Stronger Together and can face whatever the future holds for Mum.
Although Myeloma is not a Cancer which is curable, Mum is now having treatment to try to control it and give her a quality of life….whatever the future holds Stronger Together will always remind me of this time in our lives and the little piece of strength that the words gave me.

Louise Cairns
West of Scotland Military Wives Choir